Compact and stable shaft driven machines that can handle extreme terrain that cuts much faster and also cuts significantly higher overgrown grass and shrubs than traditional mowers

Why the Canycom mowers are uniquely different to other mowers:

  • Fast Machines – Fastest Ride on Grass / Brush Cutter in the Industry (up to 13km/h)
  • 4X4 – (four wheel drive) you can switch between 4WD and 2WD (vica versa)
  • Shaft Driven – More power goes to the blades allowing much higher cutting
  • High Cutting – 0-150mm (0 – 6 inches) cutter adjustment
  • Wide Cutting – 975mm (38 inches) cutting width
  • Quality Engines – Subaru Robin engines for performance and reliability
  • Can Climb Extreme Terrains – Up 20-25 degree slopes, Up to 30 degree stability angle


CMX2502 Engine

Make:Subaru Robin
Displacement:Air-cooled 4 cycle V - twin, Petrol
Power:25 HP
Fuel Tank:20 L

CMX2502 Performance

Travel Speed:High 0 – 13.8km/h, Low 0 – 7.7km/h
Minimum Turning Radius:1.8 m
Gradeability:25 degrees
Stability Angle:Left 30 degrees, Right 30 degrees
Cutting Height:0-150mm (6 inches approx)
Cutting Width:975mm (38 inches approx)